Career Development Series / Biostat Student Seminar Events

Career Development Series

*Several events jointly offered by the Career Development Series and the Biostat Student Seminar*

Lunchtime Internship/Research Project Roundtable
Thursday, November 19, 2020  | 1:00-1:55pm  | ALL students are welcome! |  Email for Zoom Info

Roundtable Participants:

Lily Koffman (SM 80 Biostatistics)  |  Internship: U.S. Ski and Snowboard
Nick Brik (SM 60 Biostatistics)  |  Internship: Laterite Ltd.
Alana McGovern (SM80 Biostatistics)  |  Internship: Biostatistics Dept, Boston Children’s/Dana-Farber Cancer and Blood Disorders Center
Anjali Jha (SM CBQG)  |  Internship: Dept of Biostatistics, Massachusetts General Hospital
Rachel Ketchum 
(SM60 Biostatistics)  |  Internship: Ariadne Labs
Raphaelle Toubiana (SM CBQG)  |  Internship: Singer Lab, Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Matthew West (SM CBQG)  |  Internship: BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.

Lily Koffman (SM BIO), Nick Birk (SM BIO), Raphaelle Toubiana (CBQG), Alana McGovern (SM BIO), Rachel Ketchum (SM BIO), Anjali Jha (SM CBQG), and Matthew West (SM CBQG)

SM and PhD students are welcome to join in for a roundtable discussion of internship and research project experiences shared by a special panel of our own experienced students Lily Koffman (SM BIO), Nick Birk (SM BIO), Raphaelle Toubiana (CBQG), Alana McGovern (SM BIO), Rachel Ketchum (SM BIO), Anjali Jha (SM CBQG), and Matthew West (SM CBQG).  Learn about the application/interview process, how to get the most out of the experience, and about existing opportunities both out in the field and here within our academic community.  Earlier in the fall we learned about similar opportunities and experiences in the data science realm (given the earlier application timeline for such openings), and now we will hear valuable insights and advice from our Biostatistics and CBQG students who have been out in the field!

Biostat Student Seminar Internship Presentations
Wednesday, November 18, 2020  | 1:00-1:55pm  | ALL students are welcome!

This particular week the BSS will host a short sequence of presentations by SM and PhD students (Andy Shi, Irina Degtiar, Lily Koffman and Raphaelle Toubiana) who have completed internship-type experiences out in the field.  Come learn about the statistical, data science, computational biology and genetics work our students have been involved in during these opportunities.  These short talks (Wednesday) will be focused on the science involved;  whereas the Roundtable (Thursday) will be focused on the experiences, insights and advice drawn from such.

Ongoing Career Development Resources and Events

*SM and PhD students can access the Office of Career and Professional Development.  Follow their events calendar!
* All members of our department can access the department Slack channels (see emails from department with link) for internship and job opportunities, as well as connect to the Department of Biostatistics/Alumnae section of the LinkedIn network.
 *PhD students can find many resources via the Office of Career Services (OCS) at GSAS.  Follow their events calendar!
*All students can find interesting reads and keep up with the field via sources including but not limited to ASA’s Amstat News, and the popular This is Statistics site.

– If you have suggestions for this seminar series, please contact Dr. Erin Lake.