Career Development Series Update

Career Development Series

It is that time of year when students and faculty alike are preparing for the end of their semester courses, and some students are defending SM theses or PhD dissertations.  One of the greatest ways to support each other’s journey in our department as well as the development of careers in our field, is to attend some of these incredible ‘defense presentations’ that are so thoughtfully given by fellow students and future colleagues.  Each represents the culmination of extraordinary dedication and hard work, and often reflects the latest emerging work in our field.

Career development activities wind down at this time to make calendar space for these special milestone celebrations of research in our department, and will pick up frequency again in January.  We look forward to defense presentations by our students over these final weeks of the 2020 fall semester!

If you have input regarding this series, please contact Dr. Erin Lake.

Ongoing Career Development Resources and Events

*SM and PhD students can access the Office of Career and Professional Development.  Follow their events calendar!

* All members of our department can access the department Slack channels (see emails from department with link) for internship and job opportunities, as well as connect to the Department of Biostatistics/Alumnae section of the LinkedIn network.

*PhD students can find many resources via the Office of Career Services (OCS) at GSAS.  Don’t miss their Academic Job Market seminar on Sept 9.  Follow their events calendar!

*All students can find interesting reads and keep up with the field via sources including but not limited to ASA’s Amstat News, and the popular This is Statistics site.