Melody Goodman Leads Quantitative Public Health Data Literacy Training

Quantitative Public Health Data Literacy Training

Melody GoodmanDuring the month of February, and in honor of Black History Month, alumna Melody Goodman, PhD ’06, Associate Dean for Research and Associate Professor of Biostatistics at New York University will help teach a free course on Quantitative Public Health Data Literacy Training alongside Dr. Janice Johnson Dias. Their goal is to teach the public, particularly those from underserved communities, and “to empower community members to be informed and literate partners with social scientists and policymakers so they can advocate for the needs of vulnerable populations.”

The 4-week bootcamp is offered free to all students and is perfect for health care students, administrators, educators, policymakers, social media influencers, publicists, journalists, and law enforcement.

Applications are highly competitive and close January 22, 2021.

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