Innovations in Bayesian Clinical Trials: Virtual Symposium and Interactive Workshop

Innovation in Bayesian Clinical Trials Virtual Symposium

Cytel and Novartis are excited to present a complimentary Bayesian Virtual Symposium and Interactive Workshop. that will expose attendees to cutting edge topics from industry renowned leaders in Bayesian statistics.

This dynamic program will cover a range of topics presented by Bayesian experts in academia, regulatory and industry. The presentations will include:

  • Adaptive design, platform studies, complex innovative designs using Bayesian modeling
  • Regulatory acceptability of Bayesian designs
  • Leveraging external information using Bayesian priors

Upcoming Workshops:

Thursday, January 21, 9AM EDT
Interactive Workshop 4: Prior distributions (Part II) (2 hrs)

Thursday, February 4, 9AM EDT
Interactive Workshop 5: Survival analysis (Part I) (2 hrs)

Thursday, February 18, 9AM EDT
Interactive Workshop 6: Survival analysis (Part II) (2 hrs)

Thursday, March 4, 9AM EDT
Interactive Workshop 7: Other topics & Wrap-up (2 hrs)

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