Harvard-MIT Center for Regulatory Science Forum – 3/16

Ariel Stern and Andrea Coravos

“Ushering in safe, effective, and ethical medicine in the digital era”

March 16, 2021   |    12pm-1pm  |  Zoom Link  |  RSVP here

Ariel SternAssociate Professor at Harvard Business School
Andrea CoravosCEO of Elektra Labs


From clinical trials to care delivery, “digital” has become an integral part of how we think about medicine, health, and biology.  The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this conversation, and forced a roadmap, once measured in years or decades, to unfold over days, weeks, and months.  Yet the scaffolding for this roadmap had already emerged prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.  In this presentation, we will describe a special collection of papers on “Digital Medicine,” which emerged from the Harvard Digital Medicine Symposium, which was sponsored by the Harvard-MIT Center for Regulatory Science and held in Boston in May of 2019. Looking both back and ahead, we describe these topics’ ongoing relevance as we contemplate the post-pandemic future of health care.