HCMPH Annual Symposium: The Microbiome & Infectious Diseases – 5/17

HCMPH Annual Symposium FlyerThe third annual Harvard Chan Microbiome in Public Health Center (HCMPH) symposium is on May 17, 2021. This year in particular, it is important to highlight the human microbiome’s role not only in chronic and inflammatory disease, but in infectious disease and global health as well. These effects can include ecological exclusion of pathogens, immune priming, bacterial-viral-eukaryotic interactions, and modulation of vaccine responses – all especially relevant in the era of COVID. Apropos, while we look forward to a return to in-person (or hybrid) symposia in the future, we are excited to be able to share this year’s fantastic speakers and posters with attendees from around the world, free of charge, in an all-virtual format.

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