On the Data Frontline – Department of Biostatistics Alumni and Career Development Series featured in ASA’s Amstat News, STATtr@k!

Biostats Alumni
Steven Staffa, Erin Lake, Nathan Hall, Christine Ulysse, Meredith Regan, and Tanayott Thaweethai joined an audience of nearly 40 graduate students comprised of both PhD and master’s degree candidates in biostatistics.

Recently the ASA published the informative article ‘On the Data Frontline: Biostatisticians in the Hospital Research Setting,’ written by instructor Dr. Erin Lake, ScD ’01, Co-Director of the SM BIO programs and Director of Student Development. This article provides insight into the many roles our graduates can pursue in this career setting, through the eyes of an alumni guest panel. “Certainly amidst COVID-19, but even before and beyond the pandemic, this setting is oftentimes where the rubber meets the road for statistical methods,” noted Dr. Lake. “Once a statistician at MGH,  I am so appreciative to this day of the learning experience I had in that role. It can be a great mix of methodological work and application, with a need for strong collaborative skills.  My goal in the article was to put the spotlight on our uniquely talented panel that day which spanned multiple generations of wonderful colleagues and alumni of this department. Their work is moving clinical care forward as we speak. This feature article really belongs to them.” Many thanks to past and recent graduates, current members of this department, and biostatisticians across the globe who are working to solve critical problems for society, in this important career setting.

The article can be viewed here.