Career Development Series – Upcoming Events

Career Development Series

Internship RoundtableWednesday, November 17, 20211:05-1:55pm | Via ZoomAll SM and PhD students are welcome to join in for a roundtable discussion of internship and research project experiences shared by a panel of our amazing students!  Learn about the application/interview process, how to get the most out of the experience, and about existing opportunities both out in the field and here within our academic community across biostatistics, CBQG and data science.Biostatistics students internsFeaturing: Natalie Averkamp, IlluminaI worked as a Biostatistics Intern and did quality control for the analysis of a diagnostic device trialNellie Ponarul, Pison TechnologyData Science InternshipAnja Shahu, Brigham and Women’s HospitalAnja’s research internship focused on applying causal inference methods to estimate the causal effect of insomnia on incident hypertension and mild cognitive impairment in US Hispanic/Latino populations.Carolin Schulte, Sound AgricultureAnalysed gene expression and microbiome data and performed experiments to investigate compounds that enhance plant-microbe interactionsRaphaëlle Toubiana, PathAIWorked on a research project within the Biomedical Data Science team. The goal was to predict Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Growth Patterns from biopsy images using Graph Neural Network node classification.Kirstie Turnbull, CVS HealthAt CVS Health, Kirstie completed a project in which she ran a series of simulations using Aetna’s Medicare member data to compare the performance of different causal inference methods under varying conditions to determine which method recovered the simulated treatment effect the best most consistently.Matthew West, GenentechA research internship joining survival analysis with a QSP model of cancer immunotherapy using weakly supervised learning


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