DFCI Postdoc Recruitment Day – 11/3

DFCI Postdoc Recruitment Day

The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Department of Data Science announces its second annual Postdoc Recruitment Day on Wednesday, November 3rd from 1-3pm EST.

If you are interested in learning more about postdoctoral opportunities at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and would like to learn about the research our faculty are conducting, please sign up for this free event. The faculty participating this year are:

  • Sahand Hormoz, Assistant Professor
  • Rafael Irizarry, Professor and Department Chair
  • Heng Li, Assistant Professor
  • Giovanni Parmigiani, Professor
  • Mehmet Samur, Senior Research Scientist
  • Nabihah Tayob, Assistant Professor

The faculty will give brief overviews of their current research. You will also hear from current and former postdocs, and hear about the resources available in the department, at Dana-Farber and throughout the Boston area.

Space is limited and we request that you are actively looking for a postdoctoral position.
Please complete this form to request admission.

You can see our open postdoctoral positions on our website: https://ds.dfci.harvard.edu/careers/