Biostats Faculty Receive Prestigious Rousseeuw Prize for Statistics

Rousseeuw Prize for Statistics recipients

Congratulations to Drs. James Robins, Miguel Hernán, Andrea Rotnitzky, Eric Tchetgen Tchetgen, PhD ’06, and University of Washington Professor Thomas Richardson who have been awarded the 2022 Rousseeuw Prize for Statistics for their pioneering work on Causal Inference with applications in Medicine and Public HealthThe laureates’ work, honoured by the Rousseeuw Prize, has “completely transformed the way in which statisticians, epidemiologists, and others infer the effects of interventions, treatments, and exposures to potentially harmful substances. It has greatly improved the overall reliability of causal analysis in medicine and public health, with great benefit to society.” The prize will be awarded at a ceremony taking place at University of Leuven, Belgium on Wednesday, October 12, 2022. Read more about the prize and their work here.