Erin Lake Receives Dean’s Fund for Scientific Advancement

Erin LakeCongratulations to Instructor and SM BIO programs Co-Director Erin Lake, who was recently named a recipient of the Dean’s Fund for Scientific Advancement!  Dr. Lake (also ’02 doctoral alumna) received the Public Health Pedagogy Award for her project featuring “Progressive Regression Methods in R for Classic Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning” in the development of a new textbook.  Inspired and informed by her teaching, mentoring, research, and previous experience in industry, Dr. Lake’s work underscores the value in collaboration across disciplines, and features linear, generalized linear and survival models (including additive, penalized, mixture and other extensions) as well as missing data methods and applications commonly encountered in public health research. The selection committee chose this work for ‘exemplifying methodological innovation, robust scalability and school-wide application.’  The DFSA strives to expand opportunities for scientific advancement, pedagogical innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration across the university.