Francesca Dominici Receives Dean’s Fund for Scientific Advancement Acceleration Award

Francesca Dominici

Congratulations to Professor Francesca Dominici who has received the Dean’s Fund for Scientific Advancement Acceleration Award for “A Research Data Platform to Address Health Consequences of Climate Change in the US and Madagascar.”Dr. Dominici and her team plan to make “unprecedented advances in both climate science and public health policy through the development of a research platform that can yield insights on how best to protect people from the wide-ranging health threats presented by climate change.”   With the help of this award,  the team plans to scale the platform to facilitate large-scale investigations of the health impacts of climate change exposures  (wildfires, droughts, hurricanes, heat) in the US and Madagascar. The Dean’s Fund for Scientific Advancement expands the School’s internal research funding program and is designed to create a pipeline of support that facilitates the exploration of early ideas, the development of strong interdisciplinary team science, and the creation of new research collaborations that advance the frontiers of science. Acceleration Awards represent a critical component of the funding program and are intended to nurture research collaborations and develop research platforms.