Xihong Lin Named NCI Outstanding Investigator Award Recipient

Xihong Lin

Congratulations to Professor Xihong Lin who was named a National Cancer Institute (NCI) Outstanding Investigator Award Recipient!NCI’s Outstanding Investigator Award supports accomplished leaders in cancer research who are providing significant contributions toward understanding cancer and developing applications that may lead to a breakthrough in biomedical, behavioral, or clinical cancer research. The OIA provides funding for 7 years, allowing substantial time for funded investigators to take greater risks and be more adventurous in their research. Dr. Lin renewed her 7-year OIA from 2015-2022 to 2022-2029.Dr. Lin’s Research: The Lin Lab focuses on developing and applying scalable, interpretable and transferable statistical and machine learning (ML) methods for integrative analysis of massive germline whole genome sequencing (WGS) and somatic whole exome sequencing (WES) data, epidemiological and clinical data, collected in large-scale multi-ethnic biobanks, population and clinical studies of cancer, and experimental multi-omic functional data, such as single cell RNA/ATAC-seq data. Dr. Lin and her team’s goal is to use advanced data science methods and different types of population, clinical, and experimental data to accelerate progress in advancing from cancer gene mapping to mechanisms to cancer prevention and medicine, discover new effective trans-ethnic precision cancer prevention and treatment strategies, and reduce health disparities in cancer genetic research. The Lin Lab will apply the proposed methods in lung cancer and breast cancer genetic epidemiological and clinical studies and biobanks. They will also develop open access cluster and cloud-based software of these methods and data resources, and make them available to the cancer research community through various platforms, including the NIH Data Commons.