Fireside Chat participants hear from Nima Hejazi

fireside chat with Nima Hejazi

In spring 2023, the Ph.D. student committee launched a new “Fireside chat” series. Fireside chats provide a low-key environment where PhD students hold a discussion with invited faculty and ask them questions about their careers and journey into biostatistics. Faculty can choose between lunchtime, afternoon, and dinner chats.To kick off our series, Associate Professor Nima Hejazi met with a group of 15 Ph.D. students from every cohort for lunch, where he shared helpful insights into his career trajectory, research, teaching, and much more! In the month of February, Rui Duan and Rafael Irizarry will be our invited speakers. Be on the lookout for sign-up forms soon! We are also taking recommendations for future speakers — please feel free to email Larry HanHui Li, or Amy Zhou with any and all suggestions.