Harvard Catalyst Spring Events Lineup

Harvard Catalyst

February 8, 1-2pm
Journal Club
Hui Zheng, MGH
Machine Learning Approaches to Visualize Disease-Related Biomarkers

February 13, 9am-1pm
Short Course
Laura Hatfield, HMS
Advances in Difference-in-Differences Methods

March 8, 1-2pm
Journal Club
Bernie Rosner, BWH
Use of Censored Data Methods to Develop an Algorithm for Determining Blood Pressure Norms in U.S. Adults

March 24, 9am-3pm (tentative)
Data Science and Health Disparities

April 5, 1-2pm
Journal Club
Marie-Abel Bind, MGH
When estimating causal effects in randomized clinical trials, start by defining causal estimands — not estimators

May 3, 1-2pm
Journal Club
Mark Vangal, MGH
Statistical Procedures for Comparing Measurement Methods: Extensions and Generalizations of Grubb’s Estimator