Genomics Training Grant Retreat

Genomics Training Grant retreat

The Genomics Training Grant held a successful retreat on Friday April 28 organized by trainees Rebecca Danning and Stephanie Armbruster and attended by grant PIs Xihong Lin and Curtis Huttenhower.  Each of the participants gave lightning presentations of their research, covering many different areas of genomics. Jordan  Rossen  |   Multi-ancestry Fine-mapping under the Sum of Single Effects ModelRandy Williams |  Developing a multi-tissue DNA methylation-based age estimator with bump hunting Lauren  Hsu  |  Investigating mechanisms of breast cancer metastasisStephanie Armbruster  |   sFACE: federated target average treatment effect estimations based on subpopulations Dylan  Clark-Boucher  |  Methods for Mediation Analysis with High-Dimensional Epigenetic MarkersParker Knight  |  Multi-task learning with summary statisticsRebecca Danning |  An Ensemble Method for Clustering Binary Symptom DataTony Chen  |  ALL-Sum: aggregated best subset selection for polygenic risk predictionChristian  Covington  |  Toward Better Approximations of Finite-Sample Sensitivity Corriene Sept  |  FactorFinder: High Resolution Mapping of CTCF at DNA Loop AnchorsJenna  Landy |  Mutational Signatures Analysis with Latent Sub-Groups