Recent Publication Highlights Results of a New Adaptive, Efficient Multi-arm Phase 2 Clinical Trial for Glioblastoma

Lorenzo TrippaA recent publication in the Journal of Clinical Oncology shares the results of an innovative phase 2 clinical trial led by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in collaboration with 10 major brain tumor centers around the country, designed to find new potential treatments for glioblastoma.

INSIGhT is the first platform trial in neuro-onclogy. The trial design uses a shared control arm to test multiple investigational therapies. A team of statisticians led by Lorenzo Trippa, PhD applies Bayesian Adaptive Randomization to learn whether the drugs that patients are receiving are having a likely benefit and to accelerate accrual to the most promising arms.  The randomization algorithms enable future patients joining the trial to have increased odds of getting the best drug.The study recently completed the evaluation of three experimental treatments in glioblastoma. While none of the three therapeutics tested so far improved overall survival of patients,  the study team added two new experimental arms at the end of 2023.  This adaptive platform trial, the first of its kind in neuro-oncology, has the potential to rapidly and efficiently identify therapies that can benefit patients that currently have few effective treatment options.For more on the study, see this recent article from Dana-Farber.