Inaugural Kolokotrones Symposium – 2/2

Inaugural Kolokotrones Symposium on Data Science Hot Topics in Cancer Epidemiology Do Statins Increase the Survival of Cancer Patients? Presentations and panel discussion hosted by Lorelei Mucci & Miguel Hernán Friday, … Continue reading “Inaugural Kolokotrones Symposium – 2/2”

Metastases and Immunotherapy: understanding treatment failure to promote success

Assistant Professor of Computational Biology, Scott Carter, along with his team Alex Shalek and Priscilla Brastiano of MIT, recently received funding from the Bridge Project for their work to characterize … Continue reading “Metastases and Immunotherapy: understanding treatment failure to promote success”

Extending the Benefits of Immunotherapy

An urgent question for cancer scientists is why immunotherapy achieves dramatic results in some cases but doesn’t help most patients. A recent article outlines independent discoveries, led by two research … Continue reading “Extending the Benefits of Immunotherapy”

Biomedical Applications of Natural Language Processing

A recent article in the Harvard Medicine Magazine describes the fruitful cross-pollination between computation, human language and biology in the face of a commonly-shared challenge; namely, the need to parse … Continue reading “Biomedical Applications of Natural Language Processing”

Introducing New Doctoral Students

We’re continuing to feature our 1st year doctoral students! We hope everyone is able to get to know this talented and diverse new group of students. Hi! My name is Maya … Continue reading “Introducing New Doctoral Students”

“Into Practice” with Giovanni Parmigiani

Republished from Into Practice, a biweekly communication of Harvard’s Office of the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning, intended to provide timely, evidence-based advice to enhance learning at Harvard. Giovanni Parmigiani, Professor of Biostatistics, selects new … Continue reading ““Into Practice” with Giovanni Parmigiani”