Lunch and Learn Webinar for 1Password

The Lunch and Learn for 1Password was held on Thursday, June 29.

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Password Managers

As long as we have passwords, using a password manager will be an important step in staying secure online.

A good password manager will:

  • Create strong, unique passwords for every account
  • Provide them for you when you visit the related website
  • Sync passwords between devices
  • Compare your passwords to lists of known compromised passwords
  • Protect your passwords with strong encryption- so only you have access

1Password For Harvard

1Password LogoThe Harvard Information Security and Data Privacy Office has selected 1Password as the preferred password manager for the University. Harvard provides faculty and staff with a 1Password business and family account free of charge.

The Department of Information Technology will be hosting a Lunch and Learn Zoom webinar about 1Password on July 29th. Join to learn how to use the product and have your questions answered.