Network Storage

Supported with S Drive

We provide a solution for the central storage and management of data files.

Each department at SPH is allocated a “Shared Drive” (S: drive) for shared files.  Departmental S: drives have a default quota of 100GB but can easily be increased at no cost to the department.

Staff and faculty can access their S: drive(s) folders from any Harvard Mac or Windows computer on campus and off-campus computers via VDI or VPN.

Key features and benefits

  • Accessible – data stored on our servers can be accessed by mapping (Windows) or mounting (Mac) shared drives while connected to the Harvard Chan School network or accessed via VDI or VPN from anywhere with Internet connectivity.
  • Secure – Our storage system meets the requirements for data security level 4 (DSL4). Folder access can be restricted to individual users as needed.
  • Reliable – Redundancies built into the system and 6 months of backups minimize the risk of data loss and ensure that data is always available.

Available to

How to get started

In you are interested in using this service, please contact the helpdesk