With the FILR service, you can access files on your S: drive from off-campus with nothing more than a web browser and an Internet connection. A VPN connection is NOT required.  FILR allows you to download network-based files for offline editing.  Then, simply re-upload your updated document when you are finished using it. Please note: … Continue reading “FILR”

Personal Cloud Storage

Part of the Office365 suite offered to all faculty, staff, and students, OneDrive is a file storage and sharing solution that provides easy access to your personal files from any internet-connected device. With 1Tb of storage, there’s plenty of room for all your personal files, and you can easily share your files with anyone on … Continue reading “Personal Cloud Storage”

Network Storage

We provide a solution for the central storage and management of data files. Each department at SPH is allocated a “Shared Drive” (S: drive) for shared files.  These departmental S: drives have a default quota of 100GB. Staff and faculty can access the S drive from any Mac or Windows computer, and from off campus … Continue reading “Network Storage”