Personal Cloud Storage

Supported with OneDrive and Dropbox

Part of the Office365 suite offered to all faculty, staff, and students, OneDrive is a file storage and sharing solution that provides easy access to your personal files from any internet-connected device.

With 1Tb of storage, there’s plenty of room for all your personal files, and you can easily share your files with anyone on Harvard’s Office365 system.

To begin exploring OneDrive, log into your Harvard Office365 at or contact us at

Your OneDrive is personal to you.  If you leave the University, your account expires and any shared files will no longer be accessible.

While OneDrive is the preferred and recommended solution, Dropbox is also offered to faculty and researchers who need to share files external to Harvard.  If you are interested in converting your consumer Dropbox account to Harvard Dropbox, or to request a new account, please complete this Dropbox request form.  Requests will be reviewed and approved based on external collaboration need. Once the form is submitted and approved, a Harvard Dropbox account technician will contact you to walk you through the account setup process.

Key features and benefits

  • Easily share files with anyone at Harvard, regardless of department or school
  • No VPN required for off-campus access
  • Access your files from your computer, laptop, tablet or phone
  • Dropbox available for external collaboration needs

Available to

Service cost

Core Service - Provided at no cost

  • OneDrive: 1 TB (free)

Premium service - With associated cost

  • Dropbox accounts are $47/year.
  • OneDrive expandable upon request

How to get started

In you are interested in using this service, please contact the helpdesk