Erin Kelly to launch Fall 2016 Harvard Pop Center Seminar Series on Monday, Sept. 26

Erin L. Kelly, PhD, professor of work and organization studies at the MIT Sloan School of Management, will present on a study by the Work, Family & Health Network (WFHN), a trans-disciplinary research effort designed to enhance the understanding of the impact of workplace practices and policies on work, family life, and health.

Is there a link between rotating night shift work and coronary heart disease in women? A deeper look…

Harvard Pop Center faculty member Ichiro Kawachi, MD, and colleagues examined the data collected from nearly 190,000 women nurses followed over a 24-year period, expanding the outcomes and measures to include more than just heart attacks and death by CHD. Their findings are published in JAMA.

CNAs who also balance family caregiver roles make more trips to ER than their peers

RWJF Health & Society Scholar Jessica Williams, PhD, is co-author on a study by the Work, Family & Health Network (WFHN) that reveals that CNAs who also care for children or elders (double duty) as well as those who care for both generations (triple duty) utilize acute care services (emergency room/other urgent care facilities) more than CNAs without those same informal, family caregiving roles.

Reducing Work-Family Conflict in Workplace Helps Improve Sleep

A study by a team of researchers from the Work, Family & Health Network, including Harvard Pop Center Director Lisa Berkman and faculty member Orfeu Buxton, has found that an intervention designed to reduce conflict between work and family responsibilities has also been found to be effective at improving sleep. The study is published in the inaugural issue of Sleep Health, the journal of the National Sleep Foundation, and has…