Could workplace flexibility influence Boomers’ plans to retire later?

The findings of a Work, Family & Health Network study published in Work, Aging and Retirement suggest that Boomer-aged professionals and managers who were given more control over their schedules and increased supervisor support as part of the STAR workplace intervention were more likely to plan on a later retirement from their current job.

Better work-life balance can contribute to better sleep

Harvard Pop Center faculty member Orfeu Buxton was quoted in this Boston Globe article and in this article in Entrepreneur on the role that a healthy work-life balance can have on people’s sleep. Buxton, along with Pop Center Director Lisa Berkman and other Work, Family & Health Network researchers, recently published their findings in the journal Sleep Health.

Reducing Work-Family Conflict in Workplace Helps Improve Sleep

A study by a team of researchers from the Work, Family & Health Network, including Harvard Pop Center Director Lisa Berkman and faculty member Orfeu Buxton, has found that an intervention designed to reduce conflict between work and family responsibilities has also been found to be effective at improving sleep. The study is published in the inaugural issue of Sleep Health, the journal of the National Sleep Foundation, and has…