Annual Fall P01 Retreat

The Annual P01 Environmental Statistics Retreat was held on October 16 at the Wellesley College Club. The P01 funded by NCI is entitled Statistical Informatics for Cancer Research, and aims at developing and applying statistical methods for analysis of massive cancer data.  The Wellesley College Club is situated on 500 acres of pristine woodlands, meadows, ponds, hills and footpaths while overlooking a spectacular view of Lake Waban. A total of 32 faculty, postdocs and students in the Department attended the retreat. The retreat was held on a warm fall day and the view from the Wall Room’s large windows looking out on spectacular fall colors and swans drifting on the lake made it a little difficult to concentrate at first.  However, the stimulating presentations and discussions on mediation analysis, high-dimensional K to 1 regression (multiple outcome- single exposure regression) and 1 to K regression (single outcome and multiple exposures), opportunity and challenges of new data sets and  problems, as well as a discussion on Github and building R-packages kept everyone engaged.  The group had lively and active discussions. After the retreat, the group had an opportunity to walk the three mile path around Lake Waban. Although most of the group lost their way a little around the lake,  luckily all were able to find their way out of the woods and their adventure made them extra hungry for the dinner held after the retreat.