Faculty News

Congratulations to our faculty who received high course evaluation ratings (4.3 or higher) for their teaching during the 2015 Spring Semester and Summer Session!

Paige Williams – BIO223, Applied Survival Analysis
Brent Coull – BIO226, Applied Longitudinal Analysis
Judith Lok – BIO231, Statistical Inference I
Sebastien Haneuse – BIO 233, Methods II
Michael Hughes – BIO 238, Advanced Topics in Clinical Trials
Tianxi Cai – BIO244, Analysis of Failure Time Data
Giovanni Parmigiani and Andrea Rotnitzky – BIO 251, Statistical Inference II
Liming Liang – BIO 257, Advanced Statistical Genetics
Marcia Testa – ID265, Practice of Quantitative Methods
Marcia Testa – BIO202, Principles of Biostatistics I (Summer)
John Orav – BIO206 , Introduction to Statistics for Medical Research (Summer)
John Orav – BIO208, Stats for Med Research Advanced (Summer)
Garrett Fitzmaurice – BIO501, Linear & Longitudinal Regression (Summer)
Marcello Pagano and Bethany Hedt-Gauthier – BIO507, Intro to Quantitative Methods Monitoring & Evaluation (Summer)
Marcello Pagano (and Mary Kay Fawzi) – EPI505, Epidemiological Methods for Global Health (Summer)