Genetic Association Analysis Course

Genetic Association CourseThis short course will introduce Concept and Theory, Methods and Software Tools needed to critically evaluate and conduct genetic association studies in unrelated individuals and family samples, including: multiple comparisons issues, population stratification, genome-wide association studies, genotype imputation, gene-gene and gene-environment interaction, analysis of microarray data (including gene expression, methylation data analysis, eQTL mapping). Useful software tools will be introduced during the lectures.

Section 1: December 10, 2015

1.   Genome-wide association studies and genotype imputation
Instructor: Liming Liang
2.   Association analysis for quantitative traits and microarray data
Instructor: Liming Liang
3.   Analysis accounting for population stratification
Instructor: Anne Feng

Section 2: December 11, 2015

 1.   Gene-environment and gene-gene interaction
Instructor: Liming Liang
2.   “Pathway” analyses
Instructor: Liming Liang
3.   Estimation of genetic heritability using GWAS data
Instructor: Wonil Chung