Why Public Health? Featuring Jeremiah Zhe Liu

Jeremiah Zhe Liu (SM ’15, PhD ’20) was recently interviewed for the school’s Why Public Health? feature in the Harvard Public Health Magazine. 

After coming to America and seeing a blue sky for the first time, Zhe Liu realized just how bad the pollution was in his industrial hometown city of Taiyuan, China.

He launched his academic career in public health by studying statistics and computer science at the University of Iowa and first learned about Harvard’s groundbreaking Six Cities study.  Now, having just earned his SM degree from Harvard last May, Zhe Liu is working toward his PhD in 2020, and is determined to master similar techniques to the Six Cities study while creating new biostatistical methods to reach his goal of undertaking similar studies in his own country.  

Getting around missing and broken data is one of the field¹s toughest methodological problems and many researchers get around this by starting fresh and laying down their own monitoring campaigns for new studies. But that’s expensive and eats up lots of resources. “If we can leverage existing data, it provides a more cost-effective way of getting at larger health questions,” says his advisor, Brent Coull.

“Jeremiah is on the cutting edge of this technique.”

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