Faculty News

Congratulations to our faculty who received high course evaluation ratings (4.3 or higher) for their teaching during the 2015 Fall Semester!

Paul Catalano ­ BIO201, Introduction to Statistical Methods

Marcia Testa ­ BIO211, Regression & Analysis of Variance in Experimental Research 

E. John Orav ­ BIO213, Applied Regression for Clinical Research (sections 1 & 2)

Martin Aryee ­ BIO227, Intro to Stat Genetics

Marcello Pagano ­ BIO230, Probability Theory & Applications I 

Eric Tchetgen Tchetgen ­ BIO232, Methods I 

Robert Gray ­ BIO235, Regression & Analysis of Variance

John Quackenbush ­ BIO292, Intro Geno and Bio Health Research

Guo-Cheng Yuan ­ BIO513, Adv. Comp Bio & Bioinformatics

Jukka-Pekka Onnela ­ BIO521, Intro to Social and Bio Networks