Francesca Dominici to be on RERF Committee

Francesca Dominici was selected to be a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of the Radiation Effects Research Foundation (RERF) and recently attended their 43rd meeting in Hiroshima, Japan, on March 2-4. Francesca was the only statistician selected to serve on the committee. 

The RERF was established on April 1, 1975, as a nonprofit foundation under Japanese civil law, within the jurisdiction of the Japanese Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Health and Welfare. It is a bi-national Japan-US scientific organization whose objective is to conduct research and studies on the medical effects of radiation and associated diseases in humans.  Their goal is to positively contribute to the health and welfare of the atomic bomb survivors and to enhance the health of all humankind.

The SAC consists of bi-national high-level experts who are engaged in the fields of RERF’s research. Francesca and other committee members were appointed by the Board of Councilors and will meet each year to review scientific research programs at RERF. Francesca specifically reviewed and made recommendations for the RERF’s statistics and epidemiology research programs.