Mission to Serve: Student Profile on Kevin Cummiskey

The school has recently profiled our own Kevin Cummiskey, an Army lieutenant colonel, who is set to earn his PhD in biostatistics this week.

Cummiskey has served in Korea and Iraq and has taught statistics at West Point, where he graduated with a bachelor’s in mathematical sciences in 2000. After receiving his degree, he’ll return to West Point for a three-year stint as an assistant professor, overseeing introductory courses in probability and statistics and supervising undergraduate research projects.

During his 3 years in the program, Kevin has worked on his dissertation with advisor Cory Zigler and several colleagues, looking at the association between long-term exposure to emissions from coal-fired power plants and ischemic heart disease hospitalizations among Medicare recipients across the U.S. and finding higher rates of the disease in several regions. He has submitted his research to a journal for potential publication and plans to continue collaborating with Zigler on air pollution studies. When he finishes his three years of teaching at West Point, he will likely take on a role leading large research projects for the Army.

Read the full-length feature on Kevin and learn how his mission to serve society has guided his military career and led him to the field of public health.