New Data Science Course!

STAT 250: Graduate Seminar on Designing the Elements of Data Science Course
Fall 2019, Mondays, 3-5:30 pm, Science Center 706

Learn data science by teaching it!
Data science combines data, statistical thinking, and computation to gain insights and make inferences and predictions. This seminar will focus on effective strategies for teaching data science. To do this, students will participate in designing a new introductory data science course that takes a holistic approach to the data science process, helping students understand the key factors involved, from data collection and exploratory data analysis to modeling, evaluation, and communication of results. Participants in the seminar will also learn data science concepts through developing and evaluating data science case studies.

This seminar is limited enrollment, and will only be offered once; please fill out this survey by Friday, September 6, if you are interested in joining! We will accept late submissions on a case by case basis.