COVID-19 Analysis with alumna Christl Donnelly – 6/3

Bradford Hill Memorial Lecture – June 3, 2020 with Dr. Christl Donnelly

“Real-time analysis of COVID-19: epidemiology, statistics and modelling in action”

Join Dr. Christl Donnelly, Deputy Head of Department for the Department of Statistics at University of Oxford and Deputy Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Infectious Disease Modelling, Imperial College London, in this year’s Bradford Hill Memorial Lecture where she will explore the real-time analysis of COVID-19 using epidemiology, statistics and modelling. Please register here.

Registration is required for the Bradford Hill lecture on 3rd June at 11:00am (EDT); the deadline for registration is 6:30am (EDT) on 3rd June . Full details can be found on the News & Events page here.