Help Planning 2022 Florence Nightingale Day

A professor in Harvard’s Statistics Department is planning to host a Cambridge/Boston version of the Florence Nightingale Day event, a one-day event meant to expose local female middle and high schoolers … Continue reading “Help Planning 2022 Florence Nightingale Day”

Harvard Catalyst Biostatistics Short Course w. Peter Thall – 10/15

Biostatistics short course: Statistical Remedies for Flawed Conventions in Medical Research Led by Peter Thall, PhD, of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, this short course will identify and describe, by example, problems … Continue reading “Harvard Catalyst Biostatistics Short Course w. Peter Thall – 10/15”

Statisticians for Justice Reading Group – Begins 4/7

Doctoral students Eric Cohn and Stephanie Wu, along with Lecturer on Biostatistics Heather Mattie, are organizing a ‘Statisticians for justice’ reading group open to everyone in the department. Inspired by the ‘Eugenics and Statistics’ talk … Continue reading “Statisticians for Justice Reading Group – Begins 4/7”

Career Development Series / Biostat Student Seminar Series

*Several events jointly offered by the Career Development Series and the Biostat Student Seminar* Lunchtime Internship/Research Project Roundtable Thursday, November 19, 2020  | 1:00-1:55pm ALL students are welcome! SM and PhD … Continue reading “Career Development Series / Biostat Student Seminar Series”

Francesca Dominici & Team Receive Star-Friedman Funding

Congratulations to Francesca Dominici, Clarence James Gamble Professor of Biostatistics, Population and Data Science and Co-Director of the Data Science Initiative, who was recently selected as the recipient of the 2020 Star-Friedman … Continue reading “Francesca Dominici & Team Receive Star-Friedman Funding”

COVID-19 Analysis with alumna Christl Donnelly – 6/3

Bradford Hill Memorial Lecture – June 3, 2020 with Dr. Christl Donnelly “Real-time analysis of COVID-19: epidemiology, statistics and modelling in action” Join Dr. Christl Donnelly, Deputy Head of Department for the Department … Continue reading “COVID-19 Analysis with alumna Christl Donnelly – 6/3”

Women in Statistics & Data Science Conference

No matter where you are along your career path, the 2020 Women in Statistics and Data Science (WSDS) Conference provides a valuable opportunity to present your work or research and share your … Continue reading “Women in Statistics & Data Science Conference”

New Course: Stat 346 with Xihong Lin

Stat364: Scalable Statistical Inference for Big Data with Applications Time: 10:30am-11:45am, Tuesday, Spring 2020 Location: Science Center 705 Lead Instructor: Xihong Lin Unprecedented advances in digital technology have produced a … Continue reading “New Course: Stat 346 with Xihong Lin”