DFCI Bayes-Mendel Lab Develops New Cancer Screening Tool

The Bayes-Mendel Lab at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, co-led by Professor Giovanni Parmigiani and alumna and Senior Research Scientist Danielle Braun, has developed MyLynch, a cancer risk screening tool for people with Lynch syndrome. Per the DFCI … Continue reading “DFCI Bayes-Mendel Lab Develops New Cancer Screening Tool”

Upcoming Dissertation Defenses

Molei Liu Dissertation Defense“Federated and Transfer Learning with Multi-site Electronic Health Record Data”Dissertation Committee: Tianxi Cai, Junwei Liu, Lucas JansonWednesday, April 27, 202212:00 PMEmail for Zoom Information Jane W. Liang … Continue reading “Upcoming Dissertation Defenses”

Danielle Braun Named Director of Data Science for Environmental and Climate Health

Alumna and Biostats senior research scientist Danielle Braun, PhD ’13 has been named the Director of Data Science for Environmental and Climate Health, in recognition of her contributions towards creating a fantastic … Continue reading “Danielle Braun Named Director of Data Science for Environmental and Climate Health”

Upcoming Dissertation & Thesis Defenses

Email Jelena Follweiler for Zoom passwords.  

Dr. Matthew Ploenzke’s Successful Dissertation!

Congratulations to Dr. Matthew Ploenzke who successfully defended his dissertation “Interpretable Machine Learning Methods with Applications in Genomics” on July 1st! Advisor: Dr. Rafael Irizarry Dissertation Committee Members: Dr. Giovanni Parmigiani, Dr. Danielle … Continue reading “Dr. Matthew Ploenzke’s Successful Dissertation!”

More Evidence of Causal Link Between Air Pollution and Early Death

Doctoral student Xiao Wu, Research Scientist Danielle Bruan, and Professor Francesca Dominici are among the authors of a new study that evaluates the impact of long-term exposure to fine particulate matter on mortality among the … Continue reading “More Evidence of Causal Link Between Air Pollution and Early Death”

Francesca Dominici & Team Receive Star-Friedman Funding

Congratulations to Francesca Dominici, Clarence James Gamble Professor of Biostatistics, Population and Data Science and Co-Director of the Data Science Initiative, who was recently selected as the recipient of the 2020 Star-Friedman … Continue reading “Francesca Dominici & Team Receive Star-Friedman Funding”

Last Week’s Successful Dissertation Defenses!

Congratulations  to Dr. Kaitlyn Cook who successfully defended her dissertation “Monitoring and Analysis of Cluster-Randomized Trials with Interval-Censored Endpoints” last week! Advisors: Rui Wang, Eric Tchetgen Tchetgen Dissertation Committee Members: Rui Wang, Eric Tchetgen … Continue reading “Last Week’s Successful Dissertation Defenses!”

Margaux Hujoel Defends Dissertation

Congratulations to Dr. Margaux Hujoel who successfully defended her dissertation “Statistical Inferences about the Genetic Architecture of Disease” last week! Dissertation Committee: Alkes Price, Po-Ru Loh (HMS), Giovanni Parmigiani, Danielle … Continue reading “Margaux Hujoel Defends Dissertation”