Introducing WebMeV 2.0: Online Tool for ‘Omics Data Analysis


A free, open-source web-based tool for interactive analysis of ‘omics data

WebMeV was created in an effort to democratize bioinformatics processing of RNASeq data. What started as a standalone application has become a web-based application for intuitive GUI implementations of bioinformatics analyses.

What’s new with WebMeV:

Announcing the release of WebMeV 2.0. This has been a project to update and upgrade WebMeV to be more flexible, portable, and reproducible. Some of the new features possible because of this work are:

  • Transparent and portable analyses
    • Open source analyses on GitHub
    • Can be run independent of WebMeV
    • Both code and compute environment are reproducible by Docker technology
  • Expanded analysis capabilities
    • Broad-based technology powers computationally intensive analyses
      • Sequence alignment
      • scRNASeq
    • Faster implementation of new features
      • See Roadmap
  • Workspace organization
    • Different projects have their own environments
    • Better file organization
    • Traceable analysis history
      • Full history of analysis is tracked, organized, and exportable
  • Single Cell RNASeq
    • Powered by Single Cell TK
    • Clustering, biomarker discovery, differential gene expression, and more…

WebMeV is an NIH ITCR project (1U24CA231846-01A1). The WebMeV platform has been developed by the QBRC at HSPH, in collaboration with John Quackenbush.

See Roadmap for upcoming new features.