Interest in Statistics is Trending

According to current Statistics student Matthew DiSorbo, “Stat concentrators now have the world at their fingertips”.  This increasingly common sentiment is reflected in the rising number of statistics concentrators at Harvard, … Continue reading “Interest in Statistics is Trending”

Public Speaking Workshop – Next Session 10/4

The Public Speaking Workshop, as part of the Career Development Series, kicked off last Thursday with great enthusiasm and participation from students and postdocs. Department staff member Nicole Levesque will continue to … Continue reading “Public Speaking Workshop – Next Session 10/4”

Neurostatistics Working Group 9/28

All PhD Students are encouraged to attend! Wednesday, September 28, 2016 Building 2, Room 426 – Biostats Conference Room 12:30-1:30 PM Jessica Gronsbell Doctoral Student Department of Biostatistics Harvard T.H. Chan … Continue reading “Neurostatistics Working Group 9/28”

Myrto Lefkopoulou Distinguished Lectureship

We are excited to host alum Dr. Mahlet Tadesse (ScD ’02, MS ’00) on Thursday as she receives this year’s Myrto Lefkopoulou Award. Dr. Tadesse has a few more meeting spots during the day … Continue reading “Myrto Lefkopoulou Distinguished Lectureship”

Biostats Annual Meet & Greet

The Department held their annual Meet and Greet on Friday in the Kresge cafeteria, giving faculty, researchers, students, and staff the chance to break from routine, and to socialize, snack, … Continue reading “Biostats Annual Meet & Greet”