Sheila Gaynor Receives New Career Investigator Award & K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award

Postdoc and alumna Sheila Gaynor, PhD ’18,  has recently been awarded an early career investigator award from the NIH! Dr. Gaynor received a K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award from the NHLBI, which … Continue reading “Sheila Gaynor Receives New Career Investigator Award & K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award”

New Interactive Site for Visualizing COVID-19’s Rt

Professor Xihong Lin and her team of students and postdocs have recently launched a new website where interactive maps help to visualize COVID-19’s Effective Reproduction Number (Rt) in real time throughout the world, at various resolutions from country level … Continue reading “New Interactive Site for Visualizing COVID-19’s Rt”

Zack McCaw Receives ASA Student Paper Award

Doctoral student Zachary McCaw has received a 2019 Distinguished Student Paper Award, from the ASA Section on Statistics in Genomics and Genetics, for a paper entitled “Cross-tissue eQTL Calling via … Continue reading “Zack McCaw Receives ASA Student Paper Award”

Sheila Gaynor Awarded NHLBI F31 Grant

Doctoral student Sheila Gaynor was awarded an F31 grant from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the NIH. Her grant, titled “Integrative analysis of lung disease genotypes and … Continue reading “Sheila Gaynor Awarded NHLBI F31 Grant”

Pipelines into Biostatistics Annual Symposium

On July 19-21, the six-week Summer Program in Biostatistics & Computational Biology culminated with an extremely successful three days of workshops, symposium, meetings, reunions, evaluation and celebration. All Summer Program … Continue reading “Pipelines into Biostatistics Annual Symposium”

Summer Program Update – Research Projects

Students finished their first full week of the Summer Program in Biostatistics & Computational Biology!  This week students were assigned research projects that they will be working on throughout the next … Continue reading “Summer Program Update – Research Projects”

2016 Holiday Message from Xihong Lin

As we approach the holiday season, I would like to express my warmest appreciation to faculty, students, postdoctoral fellows, staff, alumni, and friends of the Harvard Biostatistics Department for your … Continue reading “2016 Holiday Message from Xihong Lin”

Biostats Annual Meet & Greet

The Department held their annual Meet and Greet on Friday in the Kresge cafeteria, giving faculty, researchers, students, and staff the chance to break from routine, and to socialize, snack, … Continue reading “Biostats Annual Meet & Greet”