Biostats Annual Meet & Greet

The Department held their annual Meet and Greet on Friday in the Kresge cafeteria, giving faculty, researchers, students, and staff the chance to break from routine, and to socialize, snack, and find new and unexpected ways to connect with colleagues. 

The event, with an attendance of approximately 90 people, was organized by a student committee including Jeremiah Liu, Tony Thaweethai, Sam Tracy, Beth Welch, and Michele Zemplenyi. Additional volunteers for the event included Kaitlyn Cook, Sheila Gaynor, Heather Mattie, Erin Schnellinger, Emma Thomas and Yaguang Wei

After a brief introduction by Department chair Xihong Lin in which she thanked the organizers and stressed the importance of department inclusivity, attendees participated in large and small group exercises designed to break the ice and provide a quick entry point into the qualities and quirks of new and long-serving members of the Biostats community.