Colloquium Seminar w. James Scott – 3/24

Colloquium SeminarThursday, March 24th, 2022James Scott, PhDProfessor of Statistics and Data ScienceFayez Sarofim & Co. Centennial Professor in BusinessUniversity of Texas at Austin BART and Its Variations: Three Applications in Obstetrics … Continue reading “Colloquium Seminar w. James Scott – 3/24”

Lunchtime Career Chat with Peter Mueller – 1/25

A tradition began last spring in the department, linking the Colloquium Series with Career Development, and it will continue this year! Lunchtime Career Chats are specifically designed to be informal, … Continue reading “Lunchtime Career Chat with Peter Mueller – 1/25”

Save the Dates! Colloquia & Lightning Talks

Our newly energized colloquium series will feature distinguished speakers from all over the country, and our newly created lightning talks will be a fun new way to see what colleagues … Continue reading “Save the Dates! Colloquia & Lightning Talks”