New Student & Postdoc Awards

Isabel Fulcher and Ben Wong have both been selected to receive one of the American Statistical Society’s Section on Statistics in Epidemiology Young Investigator Awards. The awards are intended to … Continue reading “New Student & Postdoc Awards”

Gaining a Competitive Edge: Predictors of NIH Funding Outcomes

Why are some NIH grant applications more likely to be funded than others? A recent study of NIH criterion scores suggest that the most important predictor of funding is the … Continue reading “Gaining a Competitive Edge: Predictors of NIH Funding Outcomes”

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute News

Ayshwarya Subramanian won a Broadnext10 round 3 Catalytic Steps award, an innovative round of funding instituted by the Broad Institute for independent, catalytic ideas by trainees, that will spur important science … Continue reading “Dana-Farber Cancer Institute News”

Rebecca Betensky Receives NINDS Grant

Rebecca Betensky has received a grant for Statistical methods for censored and dependently truncated data. This 4-year R01 grant was awarded by the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS).  … Continue reading “Rebecca Betensky Receives NINDS Grant”

New Faculty Grants

Christoph Lange received a grant from the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Foundation to develop analytical and statistical tools for sequence analysis for Alzheimer’s disease. Brent Coull received an NIH Conference Grant “Workshop for Junior Biostatisticians … Continue reading “New Faculty Grants”

New Microbiome Initiative Data Center

Associate Professor Curtis Huttenhower recently received two new research grants.  A two-year NIH R21 entitled “Staphylococcus Aureus Carriage and the Nasal Microbiome” will characterize the associations between S. Aureas and the predominant members … Continue reading “New Microbiome Initiative Data Center”