Postdoc Tian Gu Awarded ASA Young Investigator Award

Congratulations to Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr. Tian Gu who was awarded the 2023 Young Investigator Award by ASA Statistics in Epidemiology Section! Dr. Gu has been recognized for Robust angle-based transfer learning approach in … Continue reading “Postdoc Tian Gu Awarded ASA Young Investigator Award”

Postdoc Tian Gu Receives HDSI Funding

Congratulations to postdoc Tian Gu, who recently awarded the  2022 Postdoctoral Fellow Research Fund from the Harvard Data Science Initiative (HDSI). The fund  incentivizes and supports cross-disciplinary collaboration between data scientists at the postdoctoral … Continue reading “Postdoc Tian Gu Receives HDSI Funding”