Design and branding: Maintaining a consistent visual identity

A strong visual identity will benefit the entire Harvard Chan School. It will strengthen the School’s brand and tie the School’s many efforts more closely to each other and to the Harvard University brand—one of the most recognized and respected global brands. It will also minimize the confusion that external audiences feel when confronted with a fragmented and inconsistent visual system.

Why are these important?
These design guidelines are a flexible system intended to raise the standard of design at the Harvard Chan School and create consistency in our storytelling and marketing efforts.

What’s here?
This guide provides a set of resources, including logo, color, and typography standards, as well as guidelines for choosing effective images to use in communications and marketing projects. The visual identity system’s success depends on consistent application across the School’s many departments, divisions, groups, and communication platforms.

Who is this for?
While much of this design and branding guide is meant primarily for graphic designers and others who have some knowledge of print and digital production, the basics of this guide can and should be used by faculty and staff who may be called upon to use the School’s branding, design occasional PowerPoint presentations, posters, and other visual media, or work with external vendors.

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Guidelines on the use of names, insignias, and logos

These guidelines are designed to assist members of the Harvard Chan School community in determining how entities, projects, initiatives, and other activities at the School should be represented.

Primary logos

The School’s primary logo is a central element of the school’s visual identity and must appear, at least once, on all School materials produced for external audiences.

Subbrand logos

Logo lockups that combine the names of departments and divisions within the School as well as branding policies for other entities, including offices, centers, and laboratories can be found here.


Primary font specifications for designers and alternatives for everyday use in word processing, emails, or anywhere only system fonts are available.


The classic Harvard crimson and a set of additional colors offer designers and producers considerable scope for creativity while cohesively maintaining the visual character of the School.


This section focuses on using a smartphone camera to take a good headshot, show collaboration, photograph groups and labs, edit photos, and more.

Templates and downloads

Download Microsoft Office templates, including those for Word and Powerpoint, as well as Zoom backgrounds and email signatures, here.

Advanced templates

[Coming soon] Download assets and templates for use in InDesign, Illustrator, and XD here. For advanced users only.