Writing: Maintaining a consistent narrative 

The primary Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health style guide is the Associated Press Stylebook. The section below contains a supplemental School style guide with additional style points particular to the School. It is a work in progress and will be updated as we define additional style points. Please email the Office of Communications with any questions about the School’s style (or suggested additions to this list).

Harvard Chan School brand narrative

This is the official short description of the School (the "boilerplate"), to be used in a variety of communications.

How to write about the School and its people

Learn the correct way to write the School's full name, as well as its short forms; how to list people's degrees; and the way to write academic titles, among other areas pertinent to writing about the School.

General grammar and punctuation

Learn the ins and outs of abbreviations, apostrophes, capitalization, commas, commonly confused words, dashes, italics, numbers, periods, prefixes, semicolons, time, and general titles.

Frequently used words and phrases

Learn School style for words that are often used in public health, including Black, health care, certain diseases, well-being, and more.

School strengths and selected impacts

See what various stakeholders have identified as the School's strengths, and learn about some of the impacts the School has had on the world over the years.