Communications Guide

The Office of Communications has developed a set of guidelines to help members of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health community speak and write about the School in a unified way. Following these guidelines—including those set forth in the design and branding section, as well as in the writing and digital sections—will enable the School to maintain a clear identity, both within our community and beyond. The totality of the graphic elements, visuals, and words we use to describe the School will enable us to establish this unified identity. This guide provides general guidelines, as well as best practices, for communications regarding the School. We recommend that you refer to it whenever you develop communications materials.

For general questions about this guide and its contents, please contact the Office of Communications. For information about digital communications in particular, please contact the Office of Communications digital staff.

Why public health?

For those interested in learning more about public health—what it is, the various types of work that public health practitioners engage in, important achievements in public health, and more—please visit the What is public health? section.

Guide sections

Explore the three major sections of this guide—Writing, Digital, and Design and Branding.

Writing: Maintaining a consistent narrative

Learn how to write about the School—including its name!—refresh your knowledge of grammar and punctuation, learn School style for frequently used words and phrases, and discover ways to think about the School's strengths, as well as its impact on the world.

Digital: Maintaining a consistent virtual presence

Learn about the School's digital communications values, as well as best practices for social media, mass emails, video production, and podcasting.

Design and branding: Maintaining a consistent visual identity

These design resources provide a flexible system intended to raise the standard of design at the School and create consistency in our storytelling and marketing efforts.