Sonic brand mark

In 2022, Harvard Chan School commissioned a sonic brand mark to help unify our multimedia content and make it more recognizable across platforms.

Our sonic brand mark, nicknamed “Luma” is meant to evoke inquisitiveness, authority, and approachability, as well as the human-centered focus of our work.

Sonic brand governance

The sonic brand may only be used with the express permission of the Office of Communications. For more information, email

  • The sonic brand may be used in videos, podcasts, or live events that represent the School, such as Harvard Chan Studio content.
  • The sonic brand and animation may be added to other videos or podcasts that are both public-facing and designated by the Office of Communications as having a high level of importance. Examples could include:
    • Videos to recruit prospective students
    • Live events such as Commencement or Orientation
    • Public-facing programming that is not Studio-branded
    • Podcasts considered part of the “Harvard Chan School network” but produced outside of the Office of Communications
  • Do not create other animations to accompany the sonic brand – please use the animation provided.