Digital: Maintaining a consistent virtual presence

For most of us, our first impressions of the Harvard Chan School were digital. Before prospective students decide to apply, they visit the Admissions website to learn about the School’s programs and fields of study. Before prospective faculty accept a job offer, they look at Twitter posts from current faculty and from centers and institutes to learn about what’s happening on campus. Before alumni and donors pledge to support the School, they read emails and Twitter posts about our researchers’ latest breakthroughs and keep up with the news on the School’s home page.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, our day-to-day communications have increasingly become digital. It is thus extremely important that Harvard Chan School digital content, for both internal and external audiences, is clear and accessible.

This guide provides information on leveraging digital communications tools that comply with University-wide and School-wide policies. The guide also describes best practices for improving your digital communications content.

Digital communications values

The School’s digital communication strategy and policies are crafted around a set of values that all Harvard Chan affiliate accounts must represent.

Web publishing

Learn about policies and best practices for requesting a new website or improving and maintaining a current website.

Social media

This section addresses a variety of areas in the social media realm, including creating a new School-affiliated account, voice and style, antisocial behavior, and accessibility.

Mass email communications

This section addresses everything from writing an effective email to accessibility requirements.

Video production

Discover best practices for creating videos and the requirements for accessibility in videos.


This section covers best practices for producing podcasts and accessibility requirements.