Subbrand logos

Subbrands include departments, divisions, offices, and other units within the School. These units are at the heart of the School and benefit from a close association with the core Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health brand. The visual identity system provides standard logo “lockups” for joining the name of a subbrand to the logomark of the School.

For more information on policies around logos and use of the School’s name, visit the Guidelines on the use of names, insignias, and logos section.


With limited exceptions, all entities within the School—including departments, divisions, offices, centers, and laboratories—are expected to use standard subbrand logo lockups. Many of these logos have already been produced and are available for download.


Use PNG (raster) format files on the web and in MS Office documents. EPS (vector) files may be used by designers to produce high-resolution work suitable for high-quality printing. It is not necessary to purchase any typefaces to use subbrand logos.

For assistance with the School’s logo, or requests, please contact the office of communications at

Standard subbrand

These lockups are available to any entity at the School.

Standard subbrand presented on light background
Standard subbrand presented on dark background

Elevated subbrand

Elevated subbrands are available to approved centers and programs at the School and must be requested through the Office of Communications.

Elevated subbrand presented on light background
Elevated subbrand presented on dark background

Detached elevated subbrand
As long as the School’s primary logo is present, the elevated subbrand may be detached and allowed to standalone.

Detached Elevated Subbrand on light background
Detached Elevated Subbrand on dark background

Note: Elevated subbrand sets created before 2021 do not have files for the detached subbrand lockup, contact communications if you would like to have these added to your files.

Signature subbrand

Signature subbrands are available only to School-wide centers, programs, and initiatives and must receive approval from the Office of the Dean and the Office of Communications prior to any work to create one.

Signature subbrand presented on light background
Signature subbrand presented on dark background

Printing promotional items

Have a “SWAG” project? Before sending your logo files to a vendor, contact the Office of Communications to see if a special printing logo that fits your needs is available. Versions for silkscreening, embroidery, embossing, and debossing have all been created in 1-color and full color.

Guidelines for ordering internal insignia products, or “SWAG”