Guidelines for ordering internal insignia products, or “SWAG”

Image of refillable waterbottles with the School's logoThese guidelines apply to all Harvard Chan School departments, units, officially recognized student organizations, and affiliates wishing to order or have produced insignia merchandise (“SWAG”) bearing any Harvard trademark(s) whether royalty-bearing or not. Additional information on ordering SWAG can be found on the Harvard Trademark Program (HTP) website. However, in an effort to better assist requestors, Harvard Chan School has a preferred process that differs from HTP’s up until Step 5, see this process in detail below.

Key things to keep in mind when ordering SWAG

  1. Timing: The process of ordering SWAG at Harvard involves selecting products, preparing imprint artwork, approvals at both the School and University level, and the actual production of the items. Requestors should plan ahead and begin the process 4-5 weeks in advance of when they expect to have the items in hand.
  2. Sustainability: The School urges requestors to consider the environmental impact of items they seek to produce. As a general rule, requestors should order fewer and better quality items that will last longer or be more cared for by the recipient. This may include ordering durable goods like clothing, reusable drinking vessels, high-quality tote bags, and recycled items whenever available. One good bit of advice: Swag items should be meaningful to the recipient, not the organization passing them out.
  3. Impermissible products: View a list of items the Harvard Trademark Program does not license here.
  4. Acronyms: The Harvard Trademark Program does not typically permit the use of acronyms in combination with a Harvard trademark(s), such as the School’s logo or shield. For a full list of design criteria, see Step 1 of the HTP Guidelines.
  5. Specificity: Imprints should indicate the specific organization or activity issuing the SWAG. Using the School’s primary logo alone on an item is reserved for select organizations operating at the School level. Exceptions require approval.

Ordering SWAG at Harvard Chan School

  1. Identify the item(s): See HTP’s list of licensed vendors at Step 2 of their guidelines and begin searching their catalogs for the item(s) you would like to produce.
    1. Tip: If you’re looking for a good vendor-fit for you project, please reach out to us!
    2. Determine the imprint(s) you want on the item(s).
    3. If there’s a vendor you would like to use that is not included on HTP’s list, please indicate this in the next step to see if it’s possible.
  2. Send item(s) and imprint(s) to the School’s SWAG contact: Email a hyperlink to all items as well as files or a description of the imprints you wish to produce to
    1. Skip this step if your product is simple, and you already have a School-issued .eps or .ai version of your imprint (a subbrand logo, for example).
    2. Ben Wallace, asssociate creative director, or an assignee on the creative team will work with you to ensure your selected items and imprint choices meet HTP standards. They will also provide you with .eps or .ai files for your imprints (the preferred filetype of vendors).
  3. Work with vendor to produce a mockup(s): The vendor will need to produce a mockup (preview) of the items and imprints you wish to produce for review by the School and University.
    1. Note: This process varies by vendor, some vendors have online portals where you can capture a screenshot or download a file, others will send you live links to mockups.
  4. Send mockup(s) for School review: Send all mockups and other details about your order, such as anticipated delivery date, to
  5.  Ben, or an assignee on the creative team, will review the mockups and either approve or request modifications based on School and University policy. Once approved, continue to next step.
    1. Note: Approval can take up to 3-5 days.
  6. Submit to the Harvard Trademark Program: Use the Qualtrics form at Step 5 on the HTP website to send your mockups, School approval, and details about the order for University approval.
    1. Note: Approval can take up to 7-10 days.
  7. Place order: Once approved by HTP, you may place your order.
Updated July 15, 2024.