Data Privacy Week: 1/24-28

This week, January 24-28, is Data Privacy Week, a good opportunity for us to think about the choices we make with our data, and how organizations in government, academia, and the private sector use the data we entrust to them.

Personal privacy choices

All of us have an interest in understanding and, where possible, controlling how our personal information is used. This means you should be mindful of what information you provide in return for use of a service.

Data Privacy Week makes this easy with a page showing you how to manage your privacy settings across various apps and services, including social networks, health, dating, banking, shopping, and more.

Privacy at Harvard

Privacy is also important to us as a community. At Harvard, we strive to:

  • Proactively design data privacy into our technology and processes
  • Create policies and initiatives to identify and respond to internal and external data privacy risks
  • Educate and train Harvard staff to integrate privacy concepts into their work
  • Communicate our policies and practices to the Harvard community

You can learn more about these efforts and see the privacy statements for widely used enterprise apps on our privacy web page.

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